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Four easy steps to get connected and to grow!

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Step 1: Connect

We want to get to know you! Church is not just about showing up and being a number. God calls us HIs family and we want to live that out. Come and "connect" with us so we can answer any of your questions, get to know you and see if you are ready for the next step. 

This is open for anyone who is not "connected" wether you have been coming for 6 years, 6 months or 60 minutes.

Sunday morning
(Times vary upon campus)

Step 2: Discover

In step 2 you will discover more about yourself, God, and the church! 

Discover class is a 4-week program that meets during the first service at each campus. We provide some light snacks, childcare, and life-shifting content. We will talk about where the church vision, what we believe, and how God has gifted you and take your biggest questions. 

Sunday during the first service. Please find a time during at the 
connect room.

Step 3: Develop

Develop your relationships through groups. Groups allow us to grow together. Join a group here

Develop your faith through classes. We believe that we should all know what we believe and whom we believe in! Class schedules vary at each campus. You can check their calendar for details. 

Develop God's house through serving.  In step 2 we help discover what God has gifted you to do in the kingdom and show you all the opportunities. 

Times are varying.

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